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Why Choose Us?

vetThe advantages and benefits of working with Medifinance

As the name suggests, Medifinance is a finance company that sources and provides funding to the healthcare professions. We are not alone in this; it is a competitive market.

What sets us apart is our understanding of the business side of the healthcare professions. We have a depth of knowledge and experience that is quite literally, unique. And it is knowledge and experience we are happy to share with our Clients as part of the service.

None of this has happened by chance. We have very carefully put our team together and we constantly review our product range.....not simply so we can offer low interest rates, but to be certain that our products are relevant to the needs of the market. This is an on-going process that ensures that it is not just Medifinance that stays ahead, but our Clients too.

So let us sum up for you what you can expect as a Medifinance Client:

  • More than 30 years experience of providing healthcare funding
  • A carefully researched and relevant range of products
  • Advisers who have run their own practices
  • Independent sourcing of competitive interest rates
  • Assistance with the preparation and implementation of business plans
  • Marketing advice
  • Market knowledge and intelligence
  • A wide range of contacts, both trade and professional
  • Fast response and minimal paperwork

You will also appreciate the personal and polite service you will always get from Medifinance. Call us and you will go straight through to an adviser who is informed and knowledgeable. You will not be kept waiting, you will not be speaking to an overseas call centre and you will not be passed from department to department.

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