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Overseas Transfer FACility from Medifinance

We have recently partnered with The Moneycloud to help make personal & business international & overseas money transfers quick, easy & cost effective. Using the Moneycloud's transparent comparison engine, we can promise you the best exchange rates available, compared to your bank, through real time pricing.

Whether you are moving abroad, paying school fees, paying for your overseas holiday or simply want the best rates for your travel money, Medifinance can help you with transactions from £50 up to £100m in 168 currencies.

About Medifinance

At Medifinance we take the time to understand your financial needs, both personally and professionally, from starting out through to retirement. We listen to what is important to you - you may want to buy your first practice or home, carry out refurbishments, implement the latest technology or purchase new equipment. It may be that you need to expand your business, buy a new car or need help with short term working capital.

Speak to the team at Medifinance - 'With you for your entire journey'

About The Money Cloud

We're an international money transfer comparison site that's focused on giving you clear, honest information, so you can choose the best way to send money overseas.

Trust and value are at the heart of The Money Cloud. We want to give you the confidence to try more cost-effective ways of transferring money abroad, rather than just accepting expensive bank fees. Right now there's a real drive for change in the international money marketplace, and we're here to address that. For the past few decades hidden charges, complicated terms and conditions, and a serious lack of clear, educative resources has made it difficult for people to find the cheapest way to send money.

We've designed The Money Cloud to show you how to do that, providing the facts you need to make an informed decision. We display the live, true exchange rates not the ones banks only give to each other, which is often what's advertised. We deliver dynamic search results for a huge range of 168 currencies. We publish straightforward guides and update you on all the latest money transfer developments, making you the expert.

Our site helps you save money by referring you to specialist, regulated foreign exchange brokers. They're the market leaders, with the best currency and commission rates for international money transfers

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